ZX Spectrum (SpeccyMania) have been updated !

The ZX Spectrum system has been updated with the Gamebase SpeccyMania V5 version from Sparky & Manguan (December 2020), you can now download the new module, the new database, and the new converted media pack for your frontend and RocketLauncher.
Follow the installation tutorial to have over 15,000 ZX Spectrum games playable on your favorite interface.

2021-03-21 – : Databases files fixed with tags <Years></Years>

Infos & download here


Amstrad CPC (CPCgamesCD) have been updated !

logo cpcgamescd by Miguelsky

Amstrad CPC have been updated to version CPCgamesCD 2020/03/30 by MiguelSky , you can download now the new module, the new databases & the new medias package.
Folow the instalation tutorial to get 4429 Amstrad CPC games playables for your favorite front-end.

Infos & Download here