HyperXMLspin updated

HyperXMLspin have been updated to version ,
Here is the last changelog:

+07/08/2020 – Added –> Option in Extras (For Retro-FE) : “With include” to filter the results based on the content of the include.txt file
+07/08/2020 – Fixed –> Show only systems written into collections/main/menu.txt file
+07/06/2020 – Fixed –> Bug and end task when setting “pause” to Retro-FE application

+06/23/2020 – Fixed –> Display of a video preview on a game which did not come from the previous search.
+06/19/2020 – Fixed –> Problem displaying the HyperSpin wheel in the multisearch view of hyperxmlspin
+06/18/2020 – Added –> Pausing Retro-FE when launching hyperxmlspin


Mame XML full lists Generator Updated

Mame XML full list Generator have been updated to version 0.222beta1
Here is the last changelog :

2020-07-01 – Added – 2 Generation method : The Official based from catver.ini file ( executable name must be “Mame.exe” or “Mame64.exe”) , and the alternate based from extracted database from custom Mame executable (executable name must not be “Mame.exe” or “Mame64.exe”)

2020-07-01 – Added – Possibility to select your own ini files (you must keep the same structure as those which are downloaded automatically from http://www.progettosnaps.net/ and http://nplayers.arcadebelgium.be/)

Infos & Download here

enjoy 🙂


HyperXMLspin updated to 2.0

It’s an important update , now HyperXMLspin works with Retro-FE , all features available into hyperspin are now available for Retro-FE :
Search , Create Wheels and Play.
Some bugs are also fixed now like the error “Can’t create control” meaning that you need the HyperXMLspin 64 bits version.
Here is the last changelog since the previous beta release :

+06/15/2020 – Added –> French buttons for “Dark” theme
+06/13/2020 – Fixed –> Scan medias on params/update tab for Retro-FE
+06/12/2020 – Info –> Incompatibility problems video preview (can’t create control) under certain versions of windows (VLC & WMP): choose HyperXMLspin.exe 64 bits version.
+06/06/2020 – Added –> Choose Front-End Retro-FE now working with HyperXMLspin

+05/27/2020 – Fixed –> Message box not shown when a favorite was added on QuickSearch view.
+05/23/2020 – Fixed –> The multi-filter search sometimes displayed no results.(2nd pass : the good one)

Enjoy ,


HyperXMLspin Updated

Another little update for HyperXMLspin application (
Here is the last changelog:
+05/21/2020 – Fixed –> The multi-filter search sometimes displayed no results.
+05/21/2020 – Info –> Incompatibility problems video preview with some windows 7 versions (VLC & WMP) – choose without video preview.
+05/18/2020 – Added –> Exit Option after auto-update on start Favorites list (Hyperxmlspin Start,Update favorites,then exit Hyperxmlspin)
+05/18/2020 – Info –> VLC video preview works only with VLC 32bits

Infos & Download here


Mame Generator & Lists Updated

Hi , Mame XML full lists Generator application is updated to version 0.0.220beta1 , here is the changelog :
2020-05-10 – Added – Warning and versions messages into log tab (for ini version auto-downloaded)
2020-05-10 – Fixed – BesGames lists and folders was not generated

Also, generated Mame XML full lists version 0.218 to 0.220 are ready to download

Infos & Download here


Electronic Games Pack Updated

Hi , Electronic games pack is updated to (HyperElectronicGames)
Here is the last changelog :
05/13/2020 – Info –> Mame executable is now 64 bits (mame64.exe)
05/13/2020 – Added –> Mame Artworks updated (1 new)
05/13/2020 – Added –> Mame 0.220 Updated (4 new games) :
Crab Grab

Mario’s Cement Factory (Table Top)
V.Smile Baby (Spain)

Infos and download here